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Saint Mary's

दर-सूची आव्हानको सूचना

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Saint Mary's

आवेदन फाराम भर्ने म्याद २०७६/१०/०१ देखि २०७६/१०/१० गते सम्म्का लागि थप गरिएको बारेमा सुचना

आवेदन फाराम भर्ने म्याद २०७६/१०/०१ देखि २०७६/१०/१०...More »

Saint Mary's

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Welcome to Gokuleshwor Agriculture and Animal Science College

Gokuleshwor Agriculture and Animal Science College (GAASC),Baitadi, Nepal was established in 2067 BS under TribhuvanUniversity,Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science (IAAS) Rampur, Chitwan; with the aim of imparting technical education to the students of remote areas of the country and modernizing the agricultural sector in order to make the farmers of Nepal independent in their profession. It also aims at producing skilled manpower and conducting researches in agriculture and other allied disciplines to bring radical change in traditional farming by introducing modern and innovative tools, techniques and methodology in agriculture. Gokuleshwor Agriculture and Animal Science College (GAASC) lies in Gokuleshwor VDC of Baitadi District in far –western part of Nepal . It is located in a beautiful tiny valley of Gokuleshwor on the bank of Chameliyariver.The location lies in the altitude of nearly 800 meter from the sea level. It is the first college to get affiliation fromTribhuvan University to run B.Sc.( Agriculture) program in community sector. The college has been running in the premise of Shree Setigaun Higher Secondary School KakarpakhaGokuleshwor , Baitadi at present but it is in the process of building its own infrastructures.The establishment of the college became only possible after a long and collaborative effort of local intellectuals, politicians and civil society.

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